How To Use Telegram in Your Omnichannel Strategy 

Launching your telegram omnichannel strategy
Omnichannel | Nov 2 2022
Greg Leonard | 5.5 Min Read
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    How To Use Telegram in Your Omnichannel Strategy 

    Technology has led to the creation of innumerable channels through which customers can communicate with businesses. From WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to Twitter, Tiktok, and of course Telegram, customers are presented with a multitude of options for engaging with the brands they love in the way most convenient for them. And in return, those businesses have access to a wide network of customers that they can leverage to steer growth and drive more returns.

    However, with every opportunity comes challenges. Businesses are now torn between using multiple channels to reach a wider audience (while compromising efficiency) or using fewer channels to serve their customers more efficiently (while neglecting potential customers on the other channels). It is at the nexus of this dilemma where businesses find the true solution – omnichannel marketing.

    Telegram, in particular, has witnessed massive growth over recent history, with as high as 550 million monthly active users, thanks to its enhanced use of the cloud to deliver cutting-edge security and privacy to users. As a result, businesses are now retargeting their marketing efforts to Telegram to see how they can diversify their customer base, offer more reliable services, and boost their conversions over time. Steering businesses in this direction are omnichannel communication solutions. These solutions help centralise communication into one platform to boost efficiency in internal operations and enhance customer experience.

    In this blog, we wanted to discuss how and why you can use Telegram in your omnichannel strategy. Get your pen and paper!


    Using Omnichannel Communication Software for Telegram 

    As we have just mentioned, omnichannel marketing aims at unifying customer interactions across different channels into one platform, where marketing teams can easily engage customers conveniently for better service delivery. Just like all other social media channels, omnichannel platforms allow businesses to integrate Telegram into their platform enabling them to manage all their telegram channels and chats from the one centralised platform.

    Telegram is inherently built to support automation through the use of bots, and this further gives it a competitive advantage over other social media channels. Businesses can either use Botfather, Telegram’s own bot builder, or the Telegram bot API platform to build more advanced bots. Coupling these automation solutions with an omnichannel marketing platform like iwinBACK further helps streamline both internal processes and customer experience. 


    Why Use an Omnichannel Platform in Your Marketing Strategy? 


    Manage channels and chats seamlessly 

    Telegram allows users to create channels for specific purposes; for example, to broadcast services to target customers who are members of their network. This is a great way to keep your customer base engaged while proactively driving your business agenda forward. Integrating Telegram into an omnichannel platform helps you achieve this even more conveniently, as you can schedule messages, and respond to enquiries faster, all the while enhancing efficiency for both your marketing team and customers.

    What’s more, Telegram allows new customers to see the entire communication history, so you don’t have to keep repeating messages once new members join, as is the case with platforms like WhatsApp. Such capabilities make it ideal for businesses that want to run promotions without making members feel like they’re being spammed, which can easily make them quit the channel.  


    Expand data analytics to gather more customer insights 

    Quality data helps make informed decisions which establish a solid baseline upon which you can build a sustainable business or organisation. Even though Telegram is inherently not designed to provide a lot of useful data, omnichannel platforms can help extend the limits for more insightful numbers. Telegram gives metrics such as the number of subscribers, channel views, and activity for chats.

    However, adopting an omnichannel solution can help provide more insightful statistics, such as the number of shares, channel mentions, user activity, total chatting activity, effective posting time, text length, content format, and so much more. Better yet, this data is available in one place – already expertly analysed by the platform, so you have everything you need within a click of a button. That helps shift the focus from the analytics side of things to more value-focused marketing automation activities like decision-making.


    Offer solutions that delight customers

    Considering the tremendous growth Telegram has experienced in recent years, it would be a mistake for businesses to ignore this particular customer segment. As we mentioned earlier, a large number of users are switching to Telegram because of the privacy and security it guarantees, which is again what customers have always gravitated toward. All this is thanks to Telegram being a cloud-based platform. The beauty of advancing communication experiences via an omnichannel platform is that many of them are also cloud-based, further enhancing the security, agility, and reliability of services. 


    Quick and cost-effective integration 

    Omnichannel marketing platforms are built to support an extensive suite of integrations, ranging from social media channels to websites, live chats, SMS, emails, and more. All you need is to subscribe to your channel of interest on a pay-as-you-go subscription method, and you can centralize all the communications on the platform. That means with an omnichannel platform, you are not limited to Telegram alone; you can combine all your channels of interest fast and cost-effectively without going through a reinvention challenge.

    Since many omnichannel platforms are cloud-based, integrating Telegram, which is also cloud-based, gives businesses powerful and multiple options to explore limitless opportunities as they seek to fulfil the sophisticated tastes and preferences modern customers demand.


    AI capabilities to personalise customer experience 

    Beyond the personalization you can achieve with bots, omnichannel marketing platforms are built with AI technologies to support even more strategic personalisation abilities. A recent study shows that 80% of digital customers have a high affinity to personalised experiences. After all, it feels great to walk into a room and you are recognized by your name! It’s also good to note the basis of personalization is data, which is a central focus of omnichannel platforms.


    Get the Most Out of Telegram Using iwinBACK Omnichannel Platform 

    As we have discussed, Telegram comes with many opportunities to connect with customers, nurture existing leads, and potentially drive more sales. But to get the most out of it, you need to have a different approach from what everyone else is doing by leveraging automation. Otherwise, the conventional approach is tiresome and less productive. Taking up a platform like iwinBACK in your omnichannel strategy helps streamline processes, deliver what customers expect, and easily adapt to change, all the while boosting your ROI. Book a demo with one of our consultants to learn more.