The iwinBACK platform has incredible capabilities and requires some basic know-how to get started and run efficiently. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

It depends on the size and complexity of the campaign. Generally, between two weeks and two months.

Data transfer is safe, secure and easy with the iwinBACK platform. The two most common data transmission methods are SFTP and API. Legacy systems can still take advantage of iwinBACK software. Data can be imported / exported via CSV file to the SFTP server via cron jobs.

Segmentation can be tailored to the needs of your company, and specific journeys can be built around each segment. By homing in on the techniques and bundles of communications channels that are most effective with each segment, iwinBACK automation tools improve revenues across all stages of the customer lifecycle by as much as 80%.

The iwinBACK software can be utilized in three distinct ways: Hosted, On-Premise and Full Service. For more information on these options, click the link.

Accessing iwinBACK’s AI Dashboard allows you to see live reporting from campaigns and emails anytime, giving you powerful customer insights at a glance. With live reporting enjoy a continual stream of real-time data showing the decisions your customers are making when using your app.

Integrations are easy with real-time promotional tools, everything from loyalty programs to discretionary bonuses, if you have an engine for it, the iwinBACK software can either communicate it or be part of the chain of events that identifies and triggers the right communication at the right time for your client.

This is what the iwinBACK system is designed and built for. Orchestrate your campaigns perfectly with high-quality marketing material across multiple channels. Coordinating communications by segment has never been easier.

There is a range of options for customers seeking an appropriate solution to their marketing automation needs. See our pricing page for more detail and be sure to book a demo to discuss which plan will work best for your organisation.

There are more than ten communication channels currently available on the iwinBACK platform. If you don’t see one that you need, let us know and we will likely be able to integrate it for you.

You will have access to preconfigured journeys for a multitude of purposes. You will also have access to proven email, sms, and call scripts and templates. Need something a little different? Our team will work with you to ensure your needs are met. Support documents, training videos and our support team will all be at your disposal.

Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, E-Trading, Banking, Gaming, Travel, Automotive, Cannabis, Liquor, Cruise lines, Universities, Churches, Telecommunications, Utilities, Logistics, Lottery, Hospitality, Conferences, Trade Shows, Entertainment, and any other industry with the need for automated communication and streamlined customer relationship management.

The iwinBACK software has live data analytics running constantly. Information and feedback from any campaign can be accessed easily and quickly. The main dashboard shows analysis of callers, emails, and sms stats, conversion rate as well as many other insights that help deliver world class results. Customize your reporting schedule, save time and resources, and make good decisions using complete information.

The iwinBACK call center management tools are second to none. Monitor the progress of your campaign calling overall, the performance of each individual caller from a range of metrics, as well as your efficiency relative to cost, all in real time.

The team at iwinBACK is laser focused on compliance. Whatever the requirements are for your organisation, we can offer a safe solution specific to your market(s). The iwinBACK platform will satisfy GDPR requirements and is preconfigured to ensure your networks are compliant with these requests.

10+ Channels of Communication

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