Coordinate your channels for an optimized solution that delivers the customer engagement in the channel your customer prefers.

"Campaigns utilizing multi-channel approaches have nearly 40% higher response rates compared to single-channel methods"

Calling Your Customers

With millions of calls placed around the globe daily, adding phone calls to your customer engagement strategy is still one of the most viable ways of building brand loyalty and creating a true 1:1 engagement that lends personality to your brand.

  • Easy Call Centre Management
  • Simple and accurate budgeting
  • Run multiple campaigns with ease and efficiency
  • Bespoke call scripting

Targeted Emails with
Impactful Design

Did you know 80% of emails are deleted before they’re even opened? What do you do to solve this? Use what you know about your customers to deliver compelling and valuable content that grabs their attention and earns their engagement.

It is proven that if a customer is interested in the offer, the odds of them opening the email increases by 400% and emails that follow personalized phone calls are more than 5x likely to be opened and acted on.

  • Vast collection of beautiful designs
  • Ability to use drag-and-drop tool to customize designs
  • Automated branded personalization feature

SMS Direct to Your
Customer’s Phone

Huge engagement rates are common with SMS approaches. Utilise SMS into your multi-channel messaging and enjoy a high ROI from a tried and tested method for high engagement.

  • Schedule messages
  • Utilise keywords
  • Shorten links
  • Track responses

10+ Channels of Communication

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