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Streamlined marketing

iwinBack is an automated marketing messaging system that allows you to schedule single or multi-channel campaigns ahead of time.

It supports one-to-one marketing channels and increases successful lead conversion through a mix of emails, SMS and calls.

Launch multi-channel messaging through one platform to attract new business leads. Improve customer retention rates via highly personalized messaging that successfully encourages leads through the sales journey to purchase.

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Show them you care

Help your new potential customers to see their lives will be much better when they use your products and services. Encourage them to engage deeply with your brand at varying touchpoints of their journey through multiple marketing channels.


Show them consistent value

It’s proven that people value being presented with the exact information they want. In fact, the majority of customers demand a personalised brand experience. Develop long-lasting customer retention by delivering what they want, how and when.


Show them you understand

Approach customers when they are most likely to engage with your messaging. Real-time customer data intelligently highlights and predicts sales opportunities and this increases conversions on abandoned shopping carts, cross and upselling.

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