What Does Digital Remarketing Mean?

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Reactivation | Dec 20 2021
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    What Does Digital Remarketing Mean?

    The increased competitive space and access to information mean more businesses are fighting for the same customer groups. As customers now have an abundance of companies scrambling for their attention—all providing goods that can satisfy their needs—your company must stand out to make sales. One way to do this is using digital remarketing campaigns, which ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

    Using digital remarketing campaigns, you can regain previous visitors’ interest and entice them into your offerings. As these consumers have shown a prior interest in your company, they are a highly appropriate and responsive audience to focus on—one that’s likely to engage with your brand and boost your revenue. 

    As such, the earlier you get started with your online remarketing strategy, the earlier you can reap the benefits of your marketing efforts. This article will help you wrap your head around digital remarketing, how it works, and why you need it in your marketing mix.

    What Is Digital Remarketing?

    With digital remarketing, you send online advertisements to people who have previously interacted with your brand. That is, those who have engaged with your website, app, or other such channels. Compared to digital marketing methods that target new customers, online remarketing targets those who have shown a prior interest in your brand (but have not yet purchased your products). It aims to regain customers’ interest and nudge them towards a sale.

    How Does Digital Remarketing Work? 

    You can take two approaches when starting your digital remarketing strategy: one is pixel-based digital remarketing, and the other is list-based remarketing. The former requires cookies while the latter relies on information that customers have offered voluntarily. 

    Pixel-Based Remarketing 

    Pixel-based remarketing uses cookie technology to track customers. You start by placing a small snippet of code (or pixel) into your website’s HTML code. While this doesn’t affect your site’s performance and is unnoticeable to users, it allows you to track customers’ behaviours on the internet.

    Every time a new customer visits your website, the code snippet drops a cookie in their browsers. This cookie tracks visitors’ actions as they browse the web. Using this cookie, you can gather data regarding which websites users visit and when they’re most likely to interact with your ads. You can then use this information to craft a customized remarketing message that re-engages customers at the right time and place. 

    List-Based Remarketing

    List-based remarketing is another way to reconnect with previous website visitors. With list-based web remarketing, you input your users’ email addresses or phone numbers into your web remarketing platform. This platform can then identify which user profiles are associated with those contact details and enable you to target these online. As list-based remarketing utilizes information provided by users, it’s less invasive than pixel-based remarketing.

    The Benefits of Digital Remarketing 

    Digital remarketing is a great way to reconnect with previous visitors (and potentially increase your web traffic by a staggering 700%!) This is all due to the relevancy of online remarketing ads. When using previous user data to craft messages, you can deliver compelling communications that reignite visitors’ interest in your brand. This targeted way of engaging with uses gives rise to three main benefits:

    1. Improve Brand Awareness

    Online remarketing is a great way to boost brand awareness and cultivate a positive brand impression. Seventy-five percent of customers who receive digital remarketing ads notice them, while 30% of these react positively to their presence. This is because leveraging customer data in marketing communications can help you create engaging advertisements that promote products, content pieces, and events that suit your customers’ needs. As a result, you can nurture a sense of closeness with your customers by offering relevant information while giving them a taste of what your brand is all about.

     2. Better Personalization 

    You can use the data generated from your online remarketing ads to personalize your customer communications further. For example, based on how customers interact with your remarketing ads and the personal data they volunteer, you can generate an arsenal of insights—including customers’ demographic data, interests, and behaviours. Incorporating these insights into your marketing campaigns can help you create increasingly personalized and efficient marketing campaigns. As such, remarketing ads can be a powerhouse marketing tool that piques visitors’ interest and solidifies customer relationships.

    3. Increase Conversions 

    Visitors who have briefly engaged with your channels or products have revealed an interest in your brand. This prior interest means they won’t need much convincing to engage with your company further. As you use web remarketing to target customers who’ve previously engaged with your brand, remarketing can skyrocket your conversions by 70%!

    For example, you can use online remarketing ads to regain the interest of users who’ve abandoned their online cart. These ads can include pictures of products they’ve left behind, subtly nudging users to return and complete their purchase. Unsurprisingly, these remarketing ads can be very effective, resulting in a 6.5% decrease in cart abandonment rates.


    The Bottom Line 

    Your digital remarketing efforts can help you grow and retain your customer base with minimal effort. Digital remarketing ads remind visitors of the value your brand offers and how you can cater to their needs. This increases the likelihood of visitors converting and purchasing from your brand. Therefore, investing in a solid digital remarketing strategy can result in fruitful financial benefits while simultaneously improving your customer relationships. Talk with one of our experts to learn how iwinBACK can improve your remarketing efforts today!