Custom Software Solutions
(Licensing and Purchased)

We build custom software that enables our customers to connect it directly with their CRM application. CRM isn’t infallible and it is known and understood that not all customers convert and not all customer will become loyal. With the integration of iWinBACK custom software you’ll have the benefit of reducing churn, improving customer retention and winning back those customers who still fancy your product but have wandered. Let iWinBACK help you realize the benefits that can be derived from building and operating your own internal programs that can be custom tailored to fit your requirements, recommended for larger organizations that prefer to keep control of all moving parts in the organization. iWinBACK build software with security, compliance, performance and balance in mind so you don’t have to.

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Consulting Solutions

Consulting Solutions

Here at iWinBACK we have worked hard to gain a high level of knowledge when it comes to understanding not only the client but the end-user needs as well. Through years of experience in a variety of industries we have gathered the requisite knowledge to help organizations build, launch, run, and improve customer acquisition, retention and winback programs to suit. With a high attention to detail and a penchant for process improvement, we can help you build any type of customer facing program you require all while documenting the process, training and hiring the right personnel so that when the consultancy terminates your organization is left with a fully functional team and no gaps to fill.

Multinational Expertise

The world as we know it is shrinking and entering global markets at scale has never been easier. Let us help you design great solutions to help you gain traction in markets that are emerging or that your company is looking to enter. We can help you generate information about the market, hire translators, develop content and build software that integrates with your already existing solutions. iWinBACK can help your business gain the right market insights and enter the market with a high degree of localized knowledge that is requisite when you want to take your business global!

Custom Software Solutions (Licensing and Purchased)
Custom Software Solutions (Licensing and Purchased)

Customer Engagement Strategy

With increasing competition in almost every market, wouldn’t it be nice to know you can find some help in the markets in which you are choosing to operate. iwinBACK through their network of associations can help you in designing strategic marketing initiatives that will help your brand differentiate itself from the pack. We know that your customers have a choice and through careful insights and local helpers, we can help you find and identify the right marketing techniques to help your clients find you and remain loyal to your services. Competition is a good thing; now let us help you understand how you can improve your engagements strategies and build a better bond with all the customers who contribute to your bottom line.

*We can also help you identify which customers to avoid targeting.

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